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Hand-Crafted Beaded items for all of the following: Yoruba, Ifa, Santeria, Ocha, Orisa, Orisha, Oricha, Hand of Ifa, Eleke, Ide, Mazos, Agogo bells, Orisa/Orisha earrings, Obatala, Esu, Eshu, Eleggua, Ogun, Oggun, Osun, Oshun, Ochun, Yemoja, Yemaya, Sango, Shango, Chango, and Oya are all for immediate purchase. Beaded items for Oshun Ibu Kole, Yemaya Okuti, Olokun, Agayu, and many other Orisa and Orisha paths or roads are available by custom commission request.

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All below items are available for immediate purchase.


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Hand-crafted Beaded Jewelry & Ceremonial Items; Specializing in Elekes, Ides, Collars, Mazos, Spiritual Necklaces, Ori pots, & more. High fashion jewelry is also featured on this website.

Only the highest quality materials are used by, such as: glass beads, semi-precious stones*, Brass, Copper, gold tone and silver tone metals*. In rare instances, resin beads will be needed for structural purposes.

*Gold and silver tone metals typically will be plated alloys. Precious metals, such as Sterling Silver, and gem stones, such as Topaz, are available via special request. Please be prepared for a much higher price quote.

All hand-crafted items, featured on this website, are solely and lovingly created by Alē Ọmọ Ọṣún


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